The Care Agency




Always proactive.
Always available.

The Care Agency’s highly experienced team provides a commitment and mutual vision in our values, expectations, and quality of care, to individuals, families, and to our referring agencies.

We can adapt our care options to allow for seamless changes should our clients’ needs alter or require modifications. We excel at responding quickly and efficiently to resolve all your staffing requirements.

Whether at home, in a community or facility setting, or transitioning from one to the other, we are here for you and will be your support to ensure goals and wellness are achieved.


We provide caring experienced staff who can respond to and support our client’s care needs.

Our Services Include

Disability support
Mental health
Behavioural issues 
Care options at
home or in a
community program
Care facility
Respite care
Parental care

Time and relationships are the core component of our values and essential in everything we do

Our team takes its time to fully understand the specific case sensitivities of each of our clients and matches them with the right care provider based on their individual needs. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients feel safe, secure, comfortable, and at ease that our care provider is working with them to achieve their wellness and daily living goals.

Building and maintaining relationships is vital to The Care Agency. We take our placements very seriously and will be reaching out regularly to our referrals in order to ensure that their expectations were met and that the clients in our care are being treated in a respectful, professional manner and  feel valued and supported by the individual care worker assigned to their specific case.

Agency Support

The Care Agency brings you one step closer to your optimal staffing solution.

Every one of our care providers is dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated with respect and kindness throughout all aspects of their treatment programs.

Carefully selected and vetted by The Care Agency, all of our care providers possess a wide range of skills developed from years of working with high-need individuals, families, and service providers. They are experienced, dedicated and hard-working in their support of individuals, families, and agencies.


The Care Agency offers services to families requiring in-home care for members with developmental disabilities. We work with the family and the individual to provide a unique relationship that focuses on independence and self-determination. It is our vision to improve the quality of life for our service users and to reinforce their self-confidence and purpose.


The Care Agency offers staffing support for individuals transitioning from structured group care settings into more independent living scenarios. We are committed to a seamless transition and progression by developing life skills necessary for the individual – to face the many life stresses and challenges that an independent life may bring.