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20 Years in the People Industry – one person at a time, matching the best to each individualized client’s needs.

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Welcome to our high-quality care service where the importance of inclusion, partnership, planning, capacity building and quality care permeates everything we do.

The Care Agency is dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated with respect, dignity, and healthy exchanges throughout all aspects of their care plan.

We look forward to meeting the special and unique needs of individuals, families, and agencies in need of our diverse, unique, caring, professional services of individualized care support.

As professionals in the care staffing industry, we recognize the key aspects that compassion, trustworthiness, experience, and flexibility play when hiring our professional caregivers. Our network of people comes with a work history of success and background checks that include criminal reference and/or vulnerable sector screening. We also ensure proof of certification in First Aid, Safe Management and various other counselling and care skills.

We match our qualified professionals to the needs and environments of our service requests to ensure a collective partnership and comfort in all aspects of the care. 


Our Services Include:

Disability Support

Behavioural issues 

Mental health challenges 

Care options at home or in a community program

Care facility transitioning

Respite care 

Parental care 





Practical Solutions.
Exceptional Results.

We are The Care Agency

At the Care Agency, we love what we do and pride ourselves on having over 20 years of experience recruiting superior people. Trusting us with your loved one is a great responsibility, and we take that very seriously.

We provide care services to individuals, families and agencies in need of support.  This covers high complex care needs or companionship by guiding them in their quest to living with dignity while maintaining their abilities and overcoming new challenges to allow them to move forward.

It is our mission to improve the quality of life for our clients and to support their independence by delivering excellent support services that are responsive, flexible, and inclusive of their life goals in wellness and daily life. We value each individual and treat them with care, respect and inclusion which allows our professionals to make a seamless transition into providing their supportive care needs.

We ensure that our Care Professionals have:

  • Minimum of 2–5 years related experience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • University degree or college diploma
  • Have received training in Ministry-approved Crisis Prevention/Intervention Training/Safe Management skills
  • The knowledge, experience, and skills in providing specialized care services to persons with disabilities and/or their mental health support needs
  • Police and or/vulnerable sector check
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Have undergone a medical screening

Every selected care professional fully understands and is dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated and supported in quality care, that is surrounded in kindness, dignity, and compassion.

Our Values





Always proactive.
Always available.

The Care Agency’s highly experienced team provides a commitment and mutual vision in our values, expectations, and quality of care, to individuals, families, and to our referring agencies.

We can adapt our care options to allow for seamless changes should our clients’ needs alter or require modifications. We excel at responding quickly and efficiently to resolve all your staffing requirements.

Whether at home, in a community or facility setting, or transitioning from one to the other, we are here for you and will be your support to ensure goals and wellness are achieved.


We provide caring experienced staff who can respond to and support our client’s care needs.

Our Services Include

Disability support
Mental health
Behavioural issues 
Care options at
home or in a
community program
Care facility
Respite care
Parental care

Time and relationships are the core component of our values and essential in everything we do

Our team takes its time to fully understand the specific case sensitivities of each of our clients and matches them with the right care provider based on their individual needs. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients feel safe, secure, comfortable, and at ease that our care provider is working with them to achieve their wellness and daily living goals.

Building and maintaining relationships is vital to The Care Agency. We take our placements very seriously and will be reaching out regularly to our referrals in order to ensure that their expectations were met and that the clients in our care are being treated in a respectful, professional manner and  feel valued and supported by the individual care worker assigned to their specific case.

Agency Support

The Care Agency brings you one step closer to your optimal staffing solution.

Every one of our care providers is dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated with respect and kindness throughout all aspects of their treatment programs.

Carefully selected and vetted by The Care Agency, all of our care providers possess a wide range of skills developed from years of working with high-need individuals, families, and service providers. They are experienced, dedicated and hard-working in their support of individuals, families, and agencies.


The Care Agency offers services to families requiring in-home care for members with developmental disabilities. We work with the family and the individual to provide a unique relationship that focuses on independence and self-determination. It is our vision to improve the quality of life for our service users and to reinforce their self-confidence and purpose.


The Care Agency offers staffing support for individuals transitioning from structured group care settings into more independent living scenarios. We are committed to a seamless transition and progression by developing life skills necessary for the individual – to face the many life stresses and challenges that an independent life may bring.




Superior People.
Superior Service.

Quality, care and trust are prominent throughout our hiring, training and employment process.

We carefully match our professionals to the needs and environments of our service requests. Our team of experienced managers oversees all aspects of the quality of our caregivers and services.

When you hire The Care Agency, you are choosing a better life for those you love.

Qualifications needed to work with The Care Agency
  • University degree or college diploma
  • Minimum of two years of related experience
  • Experience in behavioural, life, and social skills training and programming
  • Enthusiastic and flexible about working weekends and holidays
  • Training and certification in First Aid, CPR, Safe Management and other counselling techniques and care skills
  • Provide a background check including criminal reference and vulnerable sector screening
  • Provide an extensive work history and references
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge and experience in specialized service provision (eg. autism)
  • Covered by professional liability insurance
  • Undergone a medical screening process and a criminal reference check that included vulnerable sector screening
  • Ministry-approved Crisis Prevention/Intervention training
  • Proof of full Covid vaccinations

Why more Care Workers choose The Care Agency over other agencies

We offer above-average earning potential by paying more than the general hourly rate
The work-life balance is important to us and we provide flexible hours for our people
We will help you grow and expand your career with diverse work assignments
We care about our staff and support them financially and emotionally




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Stoney Creek

JOB TITLE: Developmental Youth Support Worker

HOURS: Homes operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, shifts vary. Flexibility is required


The Care Agency provides Developmental Support Workers to residential community care homes providing direct support to clients with intellectual and developmental delays, supervision, and assistance on a one-to-one basis. Support Workers participate in the development and implementation of individually directed plans and goals including personal care and daily living activities.

JOB TYPES: Full-time, Part-time
  • Assist clients with their individual support care needs by carrying out duties and implementing their behaviour support plans, taking into account their choices and needs and involving clients in their own plans and day-to-day decisions.
  • Be consistently active with the client during, encouraging their wellness, safety, participation and goals within their plans. Managing aggression and restraint protocols may be required with some clients in accordance with training and policies.
  • Act as the primary Support Worker for assigned client(s), which includes participation in meetings, conferences, care and progress reports, etc. Encourage and assist clients to participate in social and recreational activities to enhance their experience of life.
  • Provide appropriate supports to ensure the health and safety of clients and ensure compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Supervise and monitor client behaviour in the home and while in the community.
  • Provide coaching and support in the areas of social skills, communications, vocation, education and leisure activities.
  • Ensure the home and property (inside and outside) remains clean, tidy and safe. Ensure that the home is one of pride for the client, staff and our community neighbours. Support Workers are required to keep the house clean, the outside yard tidy and encourage clients to assist in these chores when possible.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of families and share information as appropriate. Abide by and respect the confidentiality of families, clients and other staff.
  • Transport clients daily or as required to community outings, family visits, appointments, etc. in accordance with organizational policies.
  • Provide accurate, timely and comprehensive completion of reports, documentation, required check-ins, individualized reports on client behaviour and other types of reporting activities.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of scheduled programming and support the development of individualized goals to facilitate daily living skills for clients.
  • Adhere to all behavioral, medication administration and safety plans for each client.
  • Closely supervise and monitor clients while promoting their individualized goals within the home and, also when being active and supporting them in the community.
  • Ensure that, behavioural and crisis protocols are documented and consistently practiced.
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained for individuals, families and other employees.
  • Complete written reports at the end of each shift regarding the client’s behaviour, and incidents of concern, whereabouts and personal needs using communication logs.
  • Read and initial the communication logs at the beginning/end of each shift and be aware of any changes in procedures, client routines and behavior support plans.
  • Report any conflicts or concerns relating to the clients or co-workers to management immediately.
  • Generally, the educational requirements will vary according to the needs of the clients however, the organization considers hiring graduates from recognized schools for these programs: Human Supports Diploma, Social Support/Services Worker Diploma, Developmental Support Worker Diploma, Community Support Worker Diploma, Child and Youth Worker Diploma, Personal Support Worker certificate.
  • Previous and related experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Current CPR /First Aid Certificate, Crisis Intervention/Safe Management. Certificate.

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